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What Our Clients Have to Say

“Personally, I want to thank you a lot for your help throughout this process. With your guidance and expertise, you really pointed us toward the best path to be successful and I am extremely grateful for that. I hope that this was just the first of many projects that we have with QA Consulting.”

– Darren DeMerritt, Director of RA/QA, ReNu Medical

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“QA Consulting, Inc. was instrumental in bringing CryoLife’s mechanical heart valves to market. Their expertise directly related to our devices enabled them to hit the ground running without extending our project timeline. They helped us reduce the engineering time needed and shortened our timeline for FDA approval. The quality and regulatory expertise of the QA Consulting team is unparalleled.”

– Jeff Stark, Principal Process Engineer, CryoLife

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“I’m truly impressed with the work. I am almost certain that we will be contacting you for additional assistance.”

– Joe Lessard, Hardware Manager, NeuroStar
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“Anne is one of the more sensible / practical medical device quality gurus that I have had the pleasure of working with.”

– Tasha Bond, COO, Sana Health, Inc.

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“What I appreciated is the breadth of services that QA Consulting, Inc. provided, including expertise with Grand Avenue Software. They offered quick and efficient QMS SOPs, and were pleasant to work with.”

– Diane Keyser, Director of Quality Assurance, Eximis Surgical

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“The close relationship I had with the QA team made for an easy process. As our company sought to commercialize a new medical device product, their knowledge and expertise helped us get the Perilav system to market.”

– James B. Stiehl, MD, Founder, Stiehl Tech, LLC

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