"After 4 days the FDA auditor couldn’t find anything to write up. According to my coworker, she tried! I don’t expect any issues because I have the BEST microbiologist on my side!”

-QA Director

QA Consulting offers a comprehensive range of microbiological services to the biomedical community. Our consulting team utilizes national and international standards to derive microbiological requirements from the concept phase throughout validation and the regulatory approval process. Our experienced Microbiology Consultants employ innovative techniques and a network of supporting laboratories to reach each client’s goals.

Our microbiology services include:

  • Biocompatibility Assessments
  • Sterilization Efficacy and Validation Studies for ethylene oxide (EO), gamma, e-beam, and moist heat (steam) processes
  • Cleaning and Disinfectant Efficacy and Validation Studies for Reusable Devices
  • Cleanroom Qualification and Monitoring

* If you do not see your specific microbiology need listed above, please call us for a more detailed list of services at 512.328.9404

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